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You can directly notify someone that a message needs a response by mentioning them in a group chat. You can only mention people who are in the group chat.
People who are mentioned in a group chat get a notification unless they’ve turned off notifications for the group chat.
Mention someone in a group chat
  1. In the chat, type @ followed by the person’s name.
    • Don’t include a space between the @ and the person’s name.
  2. When it appears, click the name of the person you want to mention.
  3. Write your message and then press enter or click Send to send.
You can also write @everyone to mention everyone in the group chat, or @here to mention everyone who has recently been active in the chat.
Tagging someone in a Workplace post
As well as mentioning someone in a group chat, you can also tag people or nearby locations in posts on Workplace.
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