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Create a poll
  1. From any group, click Write something... in the composer.
  2. Click at the top of your composer.
  3. Type a question and add text to Option 1 and Option 2. You can also click Upload image to add an image next to the options.
  4. Click Add option if you want to add more options to your poll.
  5. Click next to Set an end time to set a date and time for voting on your poll to end.
  6. Click next to Reduce bias to show options in a random order and not display results until after the poll ends.
  7. Click next to Hide voters to hide who voted on the poll. This will be hidden from everyone, including the creator of the poll.
  8. If you don’t want people to add more options to your poll, click Other settings.
  9. Click next to Allow anyone to add options to uncheck the box.
  10. You can also uncheck Allow people to choose multiple answers if you only want people to pick one answer from your poll.
  11. Click Post to share your poll in the group.
Note: You can’t include URLs in your poll options. You can only edit your poll if no votes have been cast. If the poll has been published with Allow anyone to add options turned on, you cannot edit it to deselect the option.
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