How do I create a multi-company group on Workplace?

You'll see the option to create a multi-company group (MCG) when creating a new group.
Note: You can't create a multi-company group from a browser on your mobile device.
Adding people to a multi-company group
If you're a member of a multi-company group (MCG), you can add coworkers to the group in the same way that you would add coworkers to other Workplace groups.
To invite people from other companies, enter the email address linked to their Workplace account. By default, multi-company group admins must approve any new members who are invited to the group.
If the group is a closed multi-company group, you can invite people by sharing an invite link. You can find invite links at the right of the group page when viewing Workplace from a computer.
Number of group members
There is no limit to the number of companies or people that can be part of a multi-company group (MCG). Keep in mind that we designed this product for medium-sized teams from a small number of companies to work together.
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