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Drafting permissions on Workplace are granted by System Admins, Content Moderators or Custom Role Admins.
Give drafting permissions
  1. Click Admin Panel Admin Panel at the top left of Workplace.
  2. Click Draft For.
  3. Click Grant Permission.
  4. Select a user to be the drafter. This is the person who will write draft posts.
  5. Select a user to be the final author. This person will approve the drafts sent to them by the drafter.
  6. You can also click next to Allow drafter to publish posts so that the drafter can publish posts without approval.
  7. Click Grant Permission.
You can also click Remove permission next to the name of a person to remove them as a drafter.
As a System Admin, you can also give drafting permissions to yourself. If you're both a drafter and an author, you will have two tabs in the Draft For section on your left panel: Posted as author and Posted as drafter.
Allow other users to manage Draft For permissions
Admins can give other users the permissions to manage Draft For permissions:
  1. Click Admin PanelAdmin Panel at the top left of Workplace.
  2. Click Admins.
  3. Click the Roles tab near the top of the page.
  4. Click New Role.
  5. Write a name for the role.
  6. Click Manage 'Draft For' Permissioning.
  7. Click Create Role.
  8. Assign this role to the person who you would like to manage drafting permissions.
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